Our Team

Ashraya Maria

Ashraya is a 3rd year Development Studies student who likes to walk, take pictures on her phone and send snail mail. She writes poems, paints and plays the piano occasionally. She tries to find beauty in the everyday.


shwethaShweta is a 3rd year English Studies student and the proud possessor of an inexplicable British accent. Aside from the common characteristics of your regular magazine editor (reads a lot), she loves traveling, and has an eclectic taste in music, ranging from orchestral masterpieces to Iron Maiden.


Ananthajith tries to understand the inter-connectedness of things. In that quest, he believes, he will find why certain permutation-combinations of words are beautiful. He also knows how to chop things with a claw grip. Books, knives, and percussion instruments fascinates him. Also tries to learn calligraphy and photography. Ananthajith occasionally writes poems and other wordy stuff, but is (not always) amazed by the lack of quality and style in them.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-02 at 09.13.33.jpegSruthi Ranjani is a second year student whose current hobbies include reading, watching TV shows, learning languages, cooking and eating (a lot). Besides being an incurable Potterhead, she is consumed by wanderlust, is a romantic and is intrigued by the cultural diversity of the world. The French and the Malayalis are her current particular interests (not to mention their accents). She strongly feels she was born a century too late; if you want to make her feel at home, giving her a good old 19th century classic and a cup of tea should do it.


Venkataraman is a fifth year Development Studies student for whom everybody is a freshie. This ex-speaker is ever enthu to put fundas and impossible to win an argument with. Venky, as he is more popularly known can be unbelievably nice to you after ripping you apart in a Soapbox. He manages to make time for everything from acads to extra curriculars to people, never tiring.

Ranjani Srinivasan is a third year English Studies student who is into classical music, but will nod along to anything her friends are listening to. When her friends aren’t listening to music they’re busy writing Ranjani’s intro. Write an intro she said. Just 4-5 lines she said.


Avinaash R is a third year Development Studies student whose heart lies in philosophy and sociology.




SanjanaSanjana is a semi-clueless second year MA student. Among her in-cohesive range of interests, she is most into sustainability, art… and Korean boybands.




IMG_1130 (2) (1).JPGParthiv is a second year student from Malluland whom you can easily spot him wearing his trademark shorts in the department. Has shown symptoms of talking endlessly about Cinema, books and Mohanlal. Just might be the first Article19 photographer who doesn’t have his own camera!